Our Mission

Our goal of making users delighted and making knowledge workers super productive leveraging AI+Human-In-The-Loop approaches is embodied in our journey. Hung Tran, the founder saw an opportunity to connect users and knowledge workers in AI assisted chat workflows and came to YouWeb Incubator to get mentoring and help to build an on-demand AI assisted platform.
From its first incarnation of a AI-assisted on-demand expert platform for a variety of customer service use cases, to today's sophisticated TrueNLP(TM) platform for Customer Experience Management that has been proven at scale at large technology partners, GICRM AI has dedicated itself to user delight through Conversational Intelligence driven self managing Conversational AI.
We are a team of experienced people from blue chip technology companies who came together with a passion for what we do. We like solving hard problems like being the first company to:
  1. Offer AI-assisted on-demand customer experience management for productivity tools.
  2. Take advantage of Transformers and GPT and NLG models to build an end-end Customer Experience Management platform that is self-discovering, self-training and self-maintaining.
  3. Offer No code, customized Conversational Intelligence based self-training AI models in the cloud for each customer or partner.

Open for Partnership with World-Class Organizations Looking to Drive Digital Transformation

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